Ahmed Khan

Ahmed Khan profileAhmed Khan is a lifelong resident of Chicago with a decade of civic engagement, political, and non-profit experience. Ahmed has served on numerous civic and non-profit community boards, including as an elected Community Representative on a CPS Local School Council and two-time Chair of the West Rogers Park Community organization. Ahmed also was a candidate for Alderman in Chicago’s 50th Ward during the 2011 municipal elections.

In 2008, he helped form a political action committee, Muslim Democrats, which focused on organizing the American Muslim community across 13 states in support of Barack Obama for President. In 2015, he helped start Draft Biden 2016 to encourage then Vice President Joe Biden to enter the presidential race—with the intent that Democrats should not pursue the assumed coronation of Hillary Clinton. As the group’s Deputy Executive Director, Ahmed supervised outreach with party leaders and elected officials and collaborated on an extensive communications program resulting in mainstream media coverage and generating 250,000 supporters in all 50 states. After the November 2016 elections, Ahmed supported Congressman Keith Ellison’s campaign for DNC Chair. He started the online grassroots effort Draft Keith for DNC, and collaborated with local organizers to produce one of the country’s largest rallies and fundraisers, and was was also in Atlanta for the 2018 DNC elections to gather DNC delegate support for the cause.

During the 2015 Chicago municipal elections, Ahmed worked as a Regional Field Organizer for the mayoral exploratory committee of Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis, switching to then Chairman of the Progressive Reform Caucus Alderman Bob Fioretti’s mayoral campaign after an illness forced Lewis out of the contest. There, Ahmed served as Deputy Field/Communications Director. When Fioretti failed to make the runoff, Ahmed then became a Field Organizer for Jesus “Chuy” Garcia out of his Northeast side campaign office.

In 2018, Ahmed joined the board of Our Revolution Illinois which led statewide organizing efforts during the 2018 Illinois primary cycle. Ahmed’s projects at Our Revolution Illinois included spearheading one of the largest gubernatorial forums in the state by garnering over 50 co-sponsors for the event. In addition, he helped build and implement an extensive, thorough endorsement process from scratch and led communications outreach for supported candidates with more than a dozen finding success in the 2018 midterms.