Jeanne Marie Dauray

JEANNE MARIE DAURAY profileJeanne Marie Dauray has worked as an organizer, activist, and lobbyist in relation to issues, legislation and candidates across her lifetime. Her solid jump to the left began in the 1980s when her single mother found herself working for a close friend of David Koch, and her family was coerced into attending political events and fundraisers for the Republicans and Libertarians who would create the Tea Party movement decades later. Jeanne saw the dangers in this and headed to Washington, DC for college. Early projects included leading presentations and discussions on the situation in Northern Ireland, working the AIDS Walk, doing environmental cleanups, and helping to find resources for pregnant teens.

In recent years, Jeanne worked as part of the national team at Progressive Democrats of America, and assisted in their campaign to recruit Bernie Sanders for a presidential run. Continuing forward, she was asked by the campaign to help do delegate selection in Illinois and later handled management of the delegates going to the convention. She has assisted in writing and securing co-sponsors for both state and federal legislation, and consulted on several congressional campaigns. Jeanne Marie was also part of the leadership of ERA Action, which worked to resurrect the Equal Rights Amendment campaign. During the campaign she assisted in the recruitment of congressional members to carry the bill, managed lobbying teams for the purpose of ratification in Illinois, did fundraising, gave speeches, and assisted with those working in other states to move the amendment. She is excited to bring her experiences to Illinois for Bernie and hopes to bring the nomination to Senator Sanders in 2020.