Mrinalini Chakraborty

Mrinalini Chakraborty profileMrinalini Chakraborty is an award-winning social justice and civil rights activist, political organizer, and movement-builder. Born and raised in Kolkata, India, she started organizing as a teenager, in the movement for sex workers rights and against human trafficking and gender-based violence. At the age of 18, she immigrated to the United States, by herself, to attend Knox College, from where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Art History. Over the past decade in this country, Mrinalini has been organizing in the movements for immigrants rights, racial justice, and women’s rights, specializing in building intersectional coalitions for advocacy campaigns and large-scale distributed mobilization strategy.

In 2016, Mrinalini, along with several women across the nation, co-founded the Women’s March movement and served as the National Field and Mobilization Director for the 2017 and 2019 Women’s Marches on Washington. She played a key role in making the 2017 Women’s March the largest single-day protest in US history, with over 5 million people marching globally! Over the next two years, she served as the National Field Director for Women’s March, Inc. and built the robust network of regional chapters that are the foundation of the movement’s continued local and national impact. For her work with the Women’s March, Mrinalini has been recognized through several awards, including Glamour Magazine’s “Woman of the Year” Award and PEN America’s “Free Expression Courage” Award in 2017, “Woman of the Year” Award by ADAPT Chicago in 2018, among others. She has delivered keynote addresses and lectures on her work at University of Illinois at Chicago and Johns Hopkins University, and at several prestigious conferences and events, such as the United States of Women Chicago conference, the Pro Bono Institute’s Annual Conference, FWD Collective Conference, New Founders Conference, Personal PAC’s and Apna Ghar’s Annual Gala, to name a few.

Over the last few years, Mrinalini has advised and worked on numerous local and national advocacy campaigns and local, state, and federal electoral campaigns. As a coalition builder and movement strategist, she has helped convene several movement, policy, and civic tech innovation tables, that have helped build critical infrastructure and coalitions for the 2018 elections and current legislative fights at the federal and local level. She served as a mentor and advisor for the Zero Hour March on Washington that has received worldwide recognition for its bold, intersectional youth-led advocacy on climate change. As a board member and Co-Executive Director of Men4Choice, an organization that educates and organizes male allies in the fight for reproductive freedom and justice, Mrinalini has helped shape the organization’s national expansion strategy and move towards culture-shifting work in addressing misogyny and toxic masculinity that sits at the root of oppressive policies and inequities in reproductive healthcare. Mrinalini is proud to be renowned nationally for her bold and visionary organizing through an intersectional lens that centers the voices of the most impacted and marginalized.